Church website features are included at no additional cost to you sit on top of the basic CMS features. Church111 also offers add-on features not specific to churches for additional monthly hosting. New or improved website features all the time. Click each of the sections below to learn about just some of the features Church111 offers in its easy-to-use content management system.

Church website features

Add an online Bible to your site! Search by book, verse, or keywords. Share a library containing dozens of intelligent, relevant articles! Pick and choose the ones you want to share. Add prayer requests, a Bible verse-of-the-day, online sermons and more!

Page options

Add unlimited pages to your site! Present your content on pages dedicated to Calendar Events, Image Galleries, News or FAQs, Contact Forms, Media Downloads, and many, many more!

Website widgets

Church111 has a variety of widgets you can add to your site including a Web Poll, Scrolling Announcements, News Teasers, Local Weather, a Guest Book, Site Search, a Site Map and more.

Add-on features

Church111 offers several rich add-ons for additional cost. Among them are the Members Section, Blog, E-Commerce and iPhone App. Each of these features will bring a new level of connectivity and value to your web presence.

Easy-to-use website administration

Managing your Church111 site is a breeze! Log in online from anywhere, at anytime! Make changes and see the updates on your site immediately! Other church members need to work on the site? Set up as many user accounts as you need! Limit access for other editors to specific pages or to specific features.

Search engines

All Church111 sites are structured to maximize your search engine results. Our system makes it easy to add the keywords and tags that search engines love to see on a website.

Mobile app

Add the Church111 Mobile App to your site to make it easy for members to see all your news, events, blog posts, and important announcements instantly!

Storage Space

Each Church 111 website comes with 1GB of storage space. You can add more storage at the cost of $2 per month per 1GB.