Site Widgets

Scrolling Text Announcement

Add a scrolling line of text that appears at the top of the home page for special announcements. This announcement also shows up on your mobile app if you have enabled that option.

Web Poll

Add an opinion poll to ask a multiple choice question of your site visitors. You can select from one of three levels of security for controlling how easily your voters can stuff the ballot box.

News Teasers

If you have any news pages, you can decide whether or not to show news teasers on your home page. You control how many teasers will be displayed and whether they show up above or below your optional opinion poll.


If it makes sense for you, you can show the local weather on your site. Visitors can even edit the zip code to determine the weather in any other place of their choosing.

Guest Book

Add a simple guest book for your site visitors to sign. Site administrators will receive an email any time someone signs the guest book in order to avoid unwanted posts.

Site Search

Many visitors to a website can't easily navigate to the content they need. To help them out, you can easily add a handy site search so your visitors can find specific content on your site. They can select the number of matches to display and can choose to match an exact phrase, all words in the phrase or any words in the phrase.

Site Map

Add an easy to use site map so your visitors can see the entire site layout and quickly jump to the page they want. You can decide exactly which pages show up on the site map, which is handy if you have temporary pages or some that are not yet ready for publication.

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